Going against the Grain



Journalists have a duty to always be questioning and evaluating the government. However, sometimes mainstream journalists, like regular citizens,  find themselves turning a blind eye to their favorite candidate’s missteps and over-glorifying their victories. It takes a strong person to stand up to this type of bias because going against the crowd is never easy. When Mayhill Fowler broke presidential nominee Barack Obama’s quote about midwesterners she was meet by many of her liberal peers with accusations and even treats. 

Fowler, a supporter of Obama, found herself in an ordinary situation that many mainstream journalists face everyday, but she did something extraordinary. Instead of blindly following and dismissing her candidate’s speech, she called him out to the public. Because she was able to expose him on an independent platform people who were not at the speech were able to see it and eventually the mainstream media had to take notice. 

This type of journalism would have been impossible in the mainstream because the producers of those publications have specific interests and agendas that they only allow their reporters to cover. Anything that goes against their beliefs and values is hidden from the public and dismissed quickly. Fowler and other bloggers have the freedom to cover what they want and bring valuable information to the light. It took bravery and conviction for her to expose this glitch in her favorite candidate, but because she believed in truth over protecting Obama’s reputation American’s were able to see a side of him that until then was conveniently swept under the radar. 


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