i am actually taking classes…


finally. after three weeks of beaching, making friends, and exploring all that melbourne has to offer, la trobe university has finally commenced classes. not that i shall cease to have the time of my life… but now ill actually have a purpose to be here. imagine that. 

this semester ill be continuing my dead-end major in broadcast journalism and international relations. because two useless degrees are better than one.  

anyway, my classes so far have been wonderful. i am taking multimedia journalism, press and society and australian international relations. i like these classes. i can do them confidently and they shall help me with my future of as a college town bar tender… thats not all though, folks. 

my advisor recommended that i also take an art class. i like art well enough, and ignorantly i agreed to fill out my schedule to her liking. 

you know what she picked? *drumroll please* ANDY WARHOL’S AMERICA. if you have ever heard my ramblings on modern art, im sure you will find this absolutely hysterical. i am now enrolled in a class which is trying to prove that pop-art is a valid form of expression and that warhol wasnt just a crackhead hipster with an addiction to fame. Cool. 

already i feel like the subject is eating my brain slowly. in the first class we learned about how the great depression happened to america in the 1930s and that the second world war was rough. thank you australian lady. pull this car over. ill teach the history aspect from here. at least i might get an a. or maybe expand my horizons? who knows? maybe ill learn to even accept modern art. *insert smirk*. ahh hell no. 

i dont mean to complain though. this year will certainly be full of new perspectives and adventures. australian international relations is the class i most look forward to because, lets be honest, ill probably end up being the US ambassador to Australia eventually. how perfect would that be? 

anyway. I’m off to the campus bar for a theme night. the adventure never ends!

sleep tight, and have lovely dreams. 



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