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australian opossum.


australian opossum.

you cant make this up.


i will survive, hey hey!


first i was afraid, i was petrified. kept thinkin i could never live in australia and most likely would die. but then i spent a couple nights with the best people on planet earth and i grew to love them. and now ill certainly get along!

see what i did there? 

anyway, as i was saying… australia is literally the bees knees. EVERYTHING, and i say this without the slightest bit of skepticism, is the best. peanut butter, laundry detergent, even thier opossums are better. seriously. go google an australian opossum and tell me its not adorable.  i dont know if it is possible to have a negative experience here. its like they hold some divine secret of life, or maybe its not life, and im actually blogging from heaven. dead. 

 the people are all soo happy and way too friendly. you know the saying “dont talk to strangers or take their candy?” well, if i was raising a kid in australia i would actually encourage this behavior. the government has to spike the national water supply with xanex, or possaibally they take out the negative part in their brain when theyre born. most likely though, i think their mamas just raised them right. 

as soon as i moved in people were introducing themselves to me and getting my number and offering me a lift to the supermarket… and i was okay with all this. 

i only started questioning everyones sanity when they gave me compliments like a grandmother, free alcohol like a man who just made a hole in one, and unsolicited help like an unsolicited babysitter. 

you know how they say, “when you go abroad, you will meetcha soulmate and fall madly in love,”? 

well, i have. 

with the people. 

so, i think i shall not only survive here, but probably actually prosper. 

more later. 

honey, im home!



i am eileen. i like writing, making memories and watching movies illegally online. it makes me feel cool. like any gal, i have my fair share of mental breakdowns and lapses in judgement… but i can also make people laugh and i can always find excuses to celebrate even the littlest victories.

this particular blog will be dealing with the victory of what we shall call “project la trobe”..or more specifically, just getting here.

for the past two years i have spent my days at ithaca college in new york… great place by the way. i was content in my mediocracy until my friend suggested we travel abroad.

“Austraila” she said.

“okay, cool. isnt the drinking age 18?” i inquired.

“yep” she responded…and with that we found ourselves with front row tickets to the great land down under.

you see, sabrina and i are journalism majors (i know my writing is jumpy, just go with it) with politics minors. we both love nice nights out on the town and we are pretty intelligent for having uteri. also, i know two things for certain about this trip.

1.we will have the time of our lives and make memories.

2. some of these memories will be kept from our children and close relatives at all costs.

today is my first day here. i am writing this without sabrina’s assistance because her flight got cancelled. this means she didnt even get to meet mac miller. I DID THOUGH.

i was at the airport and this shady dood walks by, and im like, hold up…
that was mac.
so i get his attention and whisper, “are you mac miller?”
he replies, “yeah! you goin to melbourne?”
and i said “yes, i love you…re concert i saw you in indiana.”
i cant really recall the rest. i think i blacked out.
…this pretty makes us best friends.
anyway, while i was having the time of my life, lil sabrina was caught up in customs fighting her way to me. shes spunky. i can picture it.
so, after i arrive the kindest taxi man, named henry, escorts me to la trobe bundoora. shortly after making my first aussie friend, he abandons me on campus.
(ithaca is roughly 6000 people. this is approximately a million. you do the math. i am still not entirely certain how we navigated into my room.)
but alas. the aussies are all really really freaking nice. its a bit stranger really… the receptionist even offered me a pop aka popsicle. after devouring this nourishment they  showed me around campus and chit chatted with me. they even listened as i told the epic story of meeting mac.
i am glad that i finished this while waiting for sabrina. i feel accomplished for the day. count that as another lil victory.
so. happy valentines day. catch you on the flip-side guys.